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Scripture quotations taken from the NKJV.



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V. Gullas corner P Burgos Streets

Cebu City, Cebu 6000 Philippines


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P.O. Box 997, Cebu City 6000


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In 1979, a young bible study teacher together with his

wife and children came to Cebu. Not really knowing

what to do, young  Joseph B. Disarno just spread his

sail and right away, the Holy Spirit took charge of his



Soon enough, Pastor Joseph and Ma’am Doreen

became involved with Sunday Celebration under

Pastor Bryan Dobson and Sister Marilyn Dobson.

There were around 15 people that gathered in

Montebello Hotel.


After 3 months of joining a bible study, he was also asked to be a teacher. It was then when God opened a door for Pastor Disarno to do more bible studies.


In 1982, Pastor Bryan turned Sunday Celebration

over to Pastor Disarno. He was doing bible studies

every night in different communities and those who

attended started joining the services in Magellan

Hotel. Sunday Celebration then became

Maranatha Christian Fellowship.


Pastor Tony Ibarra, who was then a bible

school student, then joined Pastor Disarno. He was

put in charge of the youth Sunday school.


The Lord placed a burden for 4 things in Pastor Disarno’s heart: strong worship, strong youth ministry, small group ministries (which is now called cell groups) and missions. And so, these were the things he started acting on.


By the second year, the church doubled. And by the third year, it doubled again. God was promoting the church both numerically and financially,


By August of 1984, there was a strong urgency to push for the youth group. The concept of the Andrew Party was birth. On one Saturday every month, young people from all over came to share their talents, enjoy free popcorn and drinks and most importantly, receive the Lord. The youth fellowship was then held at what is now Praise Cathedral’s building, where 300 young people flooded the place.


By the end of 1985, what started off as 8-10 people now was a main congregation of more than 300 people. Magellan Hotel couldn’t contain the number of people coming in and so in 1986, Maranatha Christian Fellowship moved to Century 21, where they also established their offices.


Soon enough, Maranatha was sending missionaries to preach the Word of God in key cities both locally and over all the globe.


God kept on increasing the church, Maranatha then

took up the building in Manalili in 1992 for office. The

Lord kept on adding ministries to reach more and

more people.


Now, Maranatha Christian Fellowship holds all its

church services and ministries in Manalili. Its school,

Maranatha Christian Academy and its social arm,

CURE Foundation, are also found there.


Maranatha Christian Fellowship’s vision and call have been strengthened over the years of ministry and reaching out to Cebu and the nations of the world. The vision is that “We believe that we are called to worship God intensely, intimately, excellently and extravagantly, to be a spiritual family in covenant community used by God to equip the church and train leaders that we might have a part in proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom of God in the Power of the Holy Spirit.”